Vice Principal's Message

Darjeeling Public School has always been successful in setting stellar examples in terms of education management & talent nurturing. I feel very proud to be a part of an institution that has embarked on a noble journey that nourishes hundreds of souls, right from a very young, impressionable age. This is why I take immense spirit in realizing that our actions today put a direct, long-lasting impression on the nascent minds that come to receive a quality education within our premises.

Hence, I strive to do whatever it is within my capacity to ensure these children grow under the patronage of brilliant minds and the most diligent of leaders, trendsetters and most importantly - teachers who the children can rightfully look up to and feel inspired to the bone. And I personally strive to be one among such.

I thank the staff, the members who strive behind the screen and the parents who invest their time and resources to help us maintain and run this world-class facility dedicated to the imparting of knowledge and nurturing of talent.

I take pleasure in rearing young minds and watching them grow into beautiful achievers, which is in itself, one of the most uplifting inspiring sights to behold. I feel the impending responsibility to ensure every child in here enjoys the process of education and co-curricular growth, over years and years to come. And I pledge to fulfill my responsibility until the end period of my due service.

Thank you

Victoria Rahaman (M.Com., B. Ed., C.A.)

Vice Principal,
Darjeeling Public School

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