Principal's Message

Dear readers, greetings! This message goes out to every parent, student & aspirant who is and will become a part of this integral institution. To me, Darjeeling Public School is a place that symbolizes wholesome growth, and I have always deemed it as a personal duty of mine, to uplift every child that walks in and chooses to grow within our tutelage.

I believe that every individual is destined to achieve greatness, though the fields are going to vary. Hence, I ensure that no child or parent harbors any biased perception regarding the superiority of one subject over another because every stream chosen by the child requires an equal amount of effort to achieve excellence.

The atmosphere in Darjeeling Public School is painstakingly maintained to be enthusiastic, energetic & inspiring so that coming to school doesn’t become a chore for any child. The school pays attention to wholesome nurturing and ensures the teachers don’t miss out on perceiving and honing the natural flairs that each child is gifted with, irrespective of its nature. We polish the little art buffs, techies, adrenaline junkies, buzzing artists, leaders, enactors and champions of the coming age. And we polish them with precision.

I vow to steer this institution into greater heights through mutual participation so that no one is left behind, and every single member of this family enjoys a slice of success for long days to come.

Mrs. Shreya Mitra Biswas (M.A., B. Ed.)

The Principal,
Darjeeling Public School

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