Our Institution has achieved the zenith of academic excellence through dedicated collaboration that exists between the teachers and parents. We cherish the amount of effort both the parties put towards a child’s development, because this dual involvement is extremely crucial. This is the reason why Darjeeling Public School has always encouraged and appreciated the involvement of parents in their child’s academic progress. Through regular meetings, report card maintenance and seminars, we remain in constant touch with the parents, to talk about their child’s progress and ways to enhance it.



As discussed earlier, we aim to achieve things that go beyond academic excellence. We nurture our students to be the leaders of tomorrow, pioneers of a better future. And the future shapers of tomorrow have in them, a lot more than mere intelligence. We inculcate in them the values of morality, conscience, the spirit of brotherhood & fraternity. We celebrate equality and purity of the mindset, and make sure that here; the environment is psychologically & morally uplifting. Mutual development is something that happens here every day, inside every classroom.

And we plan to walk much further in this venture.



Each year, promotion is based on multiple aspects of a child's development.
Every child’s report card is determined by a combination of statistics achieved through multiple grading sessions in the following examinations –

  • Project Project/Practical Conduction
  • Tests Monthly Tests
  • Exams Term Examinations

Additional things taken into due consideration are -

  • Academic scores
  • Class work regularity
  • Home work regularity
  • Punctuality
  • Handwriting
  • Obedience
  • Participation in co-curricular activity
  • Performance in practical sessions
  • Performance in ECA
  • Tidiness
  • Relationship with the teachers

Class Bifurcation

  • Pre primary – (Nursery/L.K.G/U.K.G)
  • Primary ( 1st to 5th )
  • Middle Section ( 6th to 8th )
  • Secondary Section (9th to 10th )
  • Senior secondary section (11-12)

The Success Mechanism

Excelling in academics and much more...

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